National – Committees

Since the inauguration of the SASA in 1888, the business of the Association has been managed by committees. The Council, formed in 1888 and is still in operation in the 2020s had at one point, within itself, formal sub committees.

From the 1974 Handbook: Executive Committee – President, General Secretary and General Treasurer – to transact all urgent business between Council Meetings. Emergency Committee – The Executive and one member from each District – to meet when necessary at the request of the Executive and decide on any urgent business placed before them.

Full Council met at regular, but less frequent occasions, to consider the overall business and catch up on feedback from the “sub-committees”.

Even after the significant changes to the SASA organisational structure in 1993, with the introduction of the Board of Management, in addition to the Council, Committees within the SASA continued.

In the 2020s, whilst the “business” of the company, the SASA Ltd, is managed on a daily basis by professional staff who have notional direct association with the daily aquatic activities of the membership, it is committees of volunteers from the membership that oversee the the interests of the Aquatic Disciplines and the Technical/Coaching fraternities.

The Aquatic Disciplines are supported by the Artistic (Synchro) Swimming Committee, Diving Committee, Maters Committee, Open Water Committee, Swimming Committee and Water Polo Committee. The National Technical Committees are the Swimming Technical Officials Committee and the Coaches Technical Panel.