The digitising of an old District Minute Book spawned the idea for this Aquatics Archive project and started the ArchiveAdmin down a path that has led to multiple dead ends, wonderful surprises and help from so many other volunteers and willing contributors.

The original documentation, associated with the formation of the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association, went missing many, many eons ago and all that we can latch onto now are some extracts from the Carnegie ASC Minute Book of 1888, as they had a member at the Inauguration Meeting and these notes are all that survive from that period – click on the photo to the right for full Minute which can also be accessed in the “Centenary” selection on the “National” page !

Earliest SASA documentation that has been found is an 1893 Handbook.

To date, although others may exist, the earliest District archive documentation that has been found/identified is the 1907-1912 Western Counties A.S.A. Minute Book.

About 40-50 years ago, all of the documentation associated with the past operations and management of the SASA were again found to be missing and
when ArchiveAdmin started research, “the cupboard was bare apart from a few shreds of paper lying on the floor” !! (metaphorically speaking!)

The Archive project is a live project, in fact it should never close, as long as there are aquatic sports activities taking place in Scotland.
Whilst based around the origins and operations of the SASA and subsequently Scottish Swimming, it need not be limited to only those and it is hoped, in time, to include the activities and history of other aquatic Associations that have close links to the SASA and Scottish Swimming.

The events, people, programmes, results, photos, Minutes etc that are documented in the Archive did not magically appear during the months of preparation, but were the very generous contributions from volunteers across Scotland and to them a very sincere thanks.

A special thanks must be made to Mary Black for the donation of almost everything that she and Bill had accumulated over 70+ years, Colin Kennedy (East District Archivist) for materials from the East District Archive, Peter Heatly for access to the Sir Peter Heatly Collection at University of Stirling Library, Brian Bain for his input, materials and photos of Open Water Swimming and a very special mention and thanks to George Spowart (Dunfermline WPC) for designing the web site header, captioning many of the WP photos and an extensive contribution of Water Polo materials and advice.
To ALL who have contributed to date and to those that may in future – THANK YOU.

Expectations of and for the Archive – that as much as possible of the past and the ongoing history is captured and recorded.

Expectation for an “audience/visitors” – none.

Expectations from any “audience/visitors” – hope that they learn something from their visit and may have contributions of photos/programmes/results/data that are lying gathering dust in their cupboards, garages, attics that would enhance the Archive.

There are no targets, only that as much as possible is recorded/documented.

Be it an audience of 1 or a 1000 – the importance is of the content, but if there is an audience of 1 – enjoy ! – and if you don’t, it is a good remedy for lack of sleep !!