As this swimmer takes a deep breath, swallows hard and plunges forward – so do we, in working to record the history and achievements of Scottish Aquatics.   

Welcome to the Archive – Hope you Find Something of Interest !

The hope is that anyone and everyone who visit the site will find something of interest, something that may bring back memories or just a daft bit of information they didn’t know.

You may be a participant in the water, a helper on poolside, boat or shore. A parent of a participant, a Technical Official, an employee, a Coach, work on the electronics or just a nosey visitor, you are all welcome.

Our sport and history started before the era of social media, electronic devices, “the cloud” and this site hopes to record and document as much information as is available from the past, to piece together our history and fill as many of the gaps in the timeline from the early 1800s to current times.

A jigsaw with a picture based on vague memories.

Oh – to have a couple of hours in the company of the gentlemen in the photo on right, Past Presidents of the SASA from 1946 to 1960, to get the facts, fiction and rumours of that period in Scottish Aquatics !!

The changes in the aquatic activities and land based aquatic facilities is explained, in more detail, in the “History and Development of Swimming in Scotland” sections of the website or a more general insight into all aspects of Scottish Aquatics can be accessed via the buttons at the bottom of the page or the menu at the top of page. 

The pools were built, the Clubs formed and flourished and the various disciplines of the aquatic sport, whether in the sea, lochs or pools, developed over the years, sometimes slowly, sometimes with more pace.

The Archive, hopefully, records that path and story, sometimes with words, sometimes with pictures and wherever possible, with data.

Each aquatic discipline section of the website will, someday, hopefully, have everything you want (or didn’t want) to know about that discipline.

If you feel you have anything to contribute to the site during your journey, a photo, a programme, anything that others may be interested in, please complete a Contact Form and also please visit the Archive’s Facebook Group and “Join” for interactive posting, comment and feedback.

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