Welcome to the Archive

After many months of collecting, formatting and posting contributions to the Scottish Aquatics Archive, it is finally at the stage that it can be published.
The Archive will be an ongoing project and there are many gaps to fill and many more items to add, but no longer behind closed doors. The hope is that interested “browsers” will feedback with comment, information, photos etc. that will enhance the Archive.
The frustration that sparked the idea of the Archive was that so much information, while still available, is lying in boxes, cupboards, computer discs etc. that only the individual “owner” can see, when they find it by accident!
The hope is the information will be made available to the ArchiveAdmin and be available for all to see and hopefully enjoy and perhaps learn a little from what “remains of our past”.
Any item considered, don’t assume someone else has made that contribution or the Archive already has it or it is of no interest or importance.

If you would like updates posted in your Facebook timeline, or share comments in an interactive environment, please visit the Archive’s Facebook Group and “Join”. Don’t expect a timeline clogged with updates, but you won’t have to keep checking the Archive !!

Happy “browsing” and enjoy.