The focus of this section of the Archive is the structure and management of the organisation that has guided the disciplines of aquatics from before the inauguration of the S.A.S.A, through the journey of the S.A.S.A., the formation of the Board of Management, followed by the set up  of the Limited Company to today and ongoing business.

The National aspect of each individual aquatic discipline is covered and contained within that discipline’s section of the Archive, although there will be some duplication by links to certain subjects.

The groupings of like minded individuals, with a common interest in the aquatic disciplines, resulted in the formation of Clubs. Clubs with common interests, formed larger groupings in the form of local Associations, e.g. Associated Swimming Clubs of Glasgow, in the the mid to late 1800s.
The S.A.S.A was founded by a group of Clubs coming together with a common vision and the individual members, and their basic common groupings, are the fundamental base of any Governing Body.

Until 1992, all business of the S.A.S.A. was managed and controlled by the S.A.S.A. Council, comprising of members of Clubs, with direct District responsibilities.
Following a major review of the organisation in 1992, and “proposals” agreed at an EGM, management of the organisation became the direct responsibility of a Board of Management, with Council continuing, but with much less involvement in the day-to-day running of the organisation.

More significant changes took place in 2003, when the structure of the organisation changed yet again, with the creation of “The Scottish Amateur Swimming Association Limited”.
This move was introduced to protect the volunteer/professional management and the members of the S.A.S.A from open ended “public liability” claims, which has started to cause all Governing Bodies serious concern, due to the increasing number of cases of litigation.

However to this day, the individual members and the Clubs remain the soul of the organisation and are frequently, and very seriously, overlooked in the constant drive to meet the pressures and visions, on the company, from external stakeholders.

Information, in many different forms, is available “at the click of the buttons” above right, which hopefully, will give an insight into the people, groups, organisation and publications that have supported the members and their clubs, that are the “raison d’être” of the formation of the S.A.S.A. in 1888 and should be into the future.