National – Board of Management

During the late 1980s and into the early 1990s, the SASA Council had realised that the current business model and organisation structure was not meeting the demands of the overall organisation. This coincided with reviews and discussions that were taking place between the Scottish Sports Council and all Sports Governing Bodies.

The SASA Council decided, in June 1991, that it was time for a major review of the organisation and asked John G Queen to carry out the Review and submit a Report to Council. 

The Review was carried out over a short period of time and the Report submitted.
After serious consideration, Council agreed to the findings of the Review, in principle, and recommendations from the Report were presented to the SASA Membership at an Extraordinary General Meeting, in Cumbernauld, on 17 May 1992.

The Proposals to the membership, at the EGM, were unanimously accepted and actions to implement the Proposals were put in place by Council, in conjunction with the Scottish Sports Council.

During the late 1990s, the Scottish Sports Council had been initiating a rolling programme, which provided Governing Bodies of Sport with the opportunity to have their structures examined by outside Consultants. The full background to the interactions of the SASA Council with John Queen and his Report and with Sports Council are detailed documents and letters that can be accessed via the buttons on this page.

In December 1992, the Development Initiative commenced with the sponsorship of Scottish Sports Council and Genesis Consulting led an information gathering exercise, involving over 500 people and based on their findings/Report, significant changes to the SASA structure and organisation were proposed to the membership at an EGM on 26 June 1993 and agreed for implementation by the membership.

The management structure of the new organisation was a Chairman and 5 x Vice-Chairs (Finance & Admin, Marketing, Disciplines, Technical Development, Development) and recruitment started immediately after the positive outcome of the EGM. The first Board Meeting was held on 24th September 1993 and the Board of Management continued to guide the daily business and future strategies of the Association until the next major change with the formation of a Company Limited by Guarantee, in 2003.