National – The SASA Ltd – Company Board

The Company Board of The Scottish Amateur Swimming Association Ltd consists of Executive and Non Executive Board Directors.

The Executive Board Director is the Company Chief Executive.

The Non-Executive Board Directors are: Chair, Six other Board Directors, SASA President, One of the SASA Vice Presidents.

The normal term of office for a non executive member of the Company Board is four years. A member may be only be appointed for two consecutive terms in any one capacity and a maximum of three consecutive terms in all capacities, subject to re-appointment after each term. A member who has to retire from the Company Board for this reason may apply for a vacancy on the Company Board after an absence of four years from the Board. 

The following Table lists all Directors, since the establishment of the Company in 2003 as a Company “Limited by Guarantee”. 

Name Start Date Finish Date Personal Occupation Path
Douglas Brown 07/04/2003 29/06/2003 Retired Recruitment
Sandy Brunton 07/04/2003 30/06/2006 Service Director Recruitment
Margaret Dougal 07/04/2003 28/06/2004 Ass Swim Programme  Manager Recruitment
Winifred Hayes 07/04/2003 05/09/2016 University Lecturer Recruitment
Ian Mason 07/04/2003 30/06/2006 Lead Officer, Staffing Service Recruitment
Helen Murray 07/04/2003 26/02/2005 Administrator SASA Council
Blair Prentice 07/04/2003 28/02/2004 Deployment Manager SASA Council
Fraser Walker 07/04/2003 15/09/2005 Programme Manager Recruitment
Tyrie Shiels 01/08/2003 28/06/2004 Retired Bank Manager Recruitment
Tom Tracey 28/02/2004 25/02/2006 Publican SASA Council
Julie Paulding  01/08/2004 31/08/2008 Active Schools Coordinator Recruitment
Maureen Campbell 05/09/2004 31/08/2018 Dir of Community Services Recruitment
Ian McCallum 21/01/2005 05/09/2016 Company Director Recruitment
James Hitchen 26/02/2005 24/02/2007 Retired SASA Council
Allan Fletcher 05/02/2006 28/02/2009 Retired Engineer SASA Council
Allan Fletcher 01/06/2009 24/06/2013 Retired Engineer Recruitment
John Mason 21/06/2006 31/08/2018 Civil Servant Recruitment
Peter Billsborough 21/07/2006 31/07/2014 Director of Sport Recruitment
Daniel McGowan 21/07/2006 31/07/2014 Swimming Coach Recruitment
Robert Reekie 24/02/2007 27/02/2010 Retired SASA Council
Doris Mair 28/02/2009 26/02/2011 Admin Assistant SASA Council
Ashley Howard 27/02/2010 30/11/2012 Chief Executive Recruitment
Neil Valentine 27/02/2010 25/02/2012 Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon SASA Council
John Deans 26/02/2011 23/02/2013 Operations Manager SASA Council
Georgina Logan 25/02/2012 22/02/2014 Retired SASA Council
David Downie 23/02/2013 28/02/2015 Accountant SASA Council
Forbes Dunlop 01/03/2013 19/04/2019 Chief Executive Recruitment
David Carrie 01/07/2013 24/02/2018 Business Coach Recruitment
Edward Wilmott 22/02/2014 26/02/2016 Retired SASA Council
Kerry Christie 01/08/2014   Global Head of HR Recruitment
Graeme Marchbank 01/08/2014   Global Head of Sports Sponsorship Recruitment
Moraig MacDonald 24/02/2018 26/09/2020 Unemployed SASA Council
Elizabeth Stewart 28/02/2015 25/02/2017 Administrator SASA Council
Margaret Somerville 27/02/2016 24/02/2018 Retired SASA Council
David Beattie 01/11/2016   Director of Finance Recruitment
Andrew Figgins 01/11/2016   Swimming Dev Coordinator Recruitment
Alison Low 26/02/2017 23/02/2019 Swimming Coach SASA Council
Fiona Davidson 01/09/2018   Ass Dir – Golf Dev, The R&A Recruitment
Andrew Dunlop 01/09/2018   Parliamentarian Recruitment
Caitlin McClatchey 01/09/2018   Athlete Rep Mgr – British Athlete Comm Recruitment
Ian Fleming 23/02/2019   Self Employed SASA Council
Euan Lowe 17/06/2019   Chief Executive Recruitment
Colin Kennedy 26/02/2020   Retired SASA Council