National – Centenary Year (1988) – Water Polo Tournaments

The Video shows Polo Matches from both the Home Nations Tournament and the 8 Nations International Tournament. There is NO Video of the 8 Nations Swimming Meet.

4 Home Nations International Tournament (Water Polo)

25 – 27 March 1988

This Contest is traditionally one of the highlights of the International Water Polo calendar with each country vying for top spot. Scotland were winners in 1986 and lost by only a one goal margin to England in 1987 following a series of tense and exciting matches.
England have dominated the Home Nations since the first early success enjoyed by Scotland who won in 1890, 91 and 97. The 1986 victory was outstanding in breaking the long sequence and demonstrating the success of Hartley McGibbon’s coaching methods. In recent years Dunfermline and Portobello have been successful in British Club Competitions. They have revived the sort of success Motherwell AS & WPC enjoyed in the 1950s.

Murray Anderson of Portobello made the Guinness Book of Records in 1974 as Britain’s most capped Water Polo player with over 100 caps. Murray never realised his ambition though to beat England! All our players still had that ambition which made for a ‘special’ competition.

8 Nations International Tournament (Swimming and Water Polo)

28 June/3 July 1988
Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh

These International Contests in both Swimming and Water Polo were held annually between the representative teams of the following countries:—
It was always a closely fought event and had an added significance in 1988, being held just a few months before the Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea.

Water Polo 28 June — 1 July
Swimming 2 and 3 July

The competition was initiated by Belgium in 1971. Scotland was the host in 1972 when the Royal Bank of Scotland presented a quaich for a perpetual trophy. The original eight nations included Spain and Iceland but both had to withdraw, Iceland a number of years ago due to financial reasons — many of their swimmers are studying abroad and Spain due to involvement with preparations for the World Championships held in Madrid in 1986.