National – Centenary Year (1988) – European Swimming Cup

European Swimming Cup

9 – 10 December 1988

Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh

This competition was always a climax of our calendar year in European swimming when the best in each Nation came together to compete in the exciting Short Course (25m) programme of events.

It was been held in that format since 1980. The emphasis was on winning points for the team, therefore extra incentive in every event.

In 1988, most of Europe’s top swimmers came from their efforts in the Seoul Olympics determined to both beat their previous best individual performances and try to win the coveted European Cup Trophy for their country.

The Swimming Cup was staged previously in Great Britain at Barnet in 1981. There was always a great demand to host this competition due to the high regard that it earned throughout Europe, our bid was successful due to the excellent facilities that we had to offer at the Royal Commonwealth Pool.
Over 350 competitors and officials will participate.

Winners Venue
1980      MEN      USSR       WOMEN       GDR      ANTIBES
1981      MEN      USSR       WOMEN       GDR      LONDON
1982      MEN      USSR       WOMEN       GDR      GOTEBORG
1983      MEN      USSR       WOMEN       GDR      ANKARA
1984      MEN      GDR         WOMEN       GDR      BERGEN
1985      MEN      FRG         WOMEN       GDR      DEN’BOSCH
1986      MEN      FRG         WOMEN       GDR      MALMO
1987      MEN                     WOMEN                   MONTE CARLO
1988      MEN                     WOMEN                   EDINBURGH